Obtain & Administer Measures


NIH Toolbox® Cognition, Emotion, Motor, and Sensation measures are available through the NIH Toolbox iPad App. PDFs of NIH Toolbox Emotion measures need no preparation, are “respondent ready,” and are available for free in paper form.

NIH Toolbox measures are copyrighted. Some NIH Toolbox self- and parent-proxy report instruments (NIH Toolbox Emotion and select Sensation) are publicly available for use without licensing or royalty fees for individual research or individual clinical use. Other Sensation measures and the Cognitive and Motor batteries may only be administered through means approved by the Department of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Commercial users must seek permission to use, reproduce, or distribute measures. Read the NIH Toolbox Terms and Conditions of Use for more information. 


NIH Toolbox measures are best administered in the NIH Toolbox iPad App:

  • Uses an iPad with a test administrator
  • A free trial is available
  • Subscription cost for continued access

Learn to Administer NIH Toolbox Measures

NIH Toolbox administration of Cognition, Motor, and Sensation measures requires training. Training resources include:

  • Online training curriculum ("eLearning") - Completing the eLearning program combined with practice is sufficient for being able to administer NIH Toolbox measures.
  • Training workshops - Content of the workshop includes the same information as eLearning, but has the added opportunity for practice and individual feedback from a certified trainer.
  • Administration Manual - This manual is a resource intended to be used in conjunction with eLearning and/or a training workshop.

Procuring Permission for Use
  • Access to Cognition measures require approval. Approval is granted to researchers and clinicians with knowledge of how to use neuropsychological tests.
  • To request permission, email cognition@nihtoolbox.org and include “Request for Access” in the subject line.

Guidelines for Geriatric Assessment

The NIH Toolbox team developed a guide for assessment of elderly adults. Read Principles of Geriatrics Assessment here.

Required Supplies

The NIH Toolbox iPad App has hardware and software requirements. Read about them at the NIH Toolbox Support Center.

For Assessment Center or web users: Find NIH Toolbox Technical Manuals and additional resources here.