Available Translations

PROMIS® measures are available in languages other than English.

Translations result from a process of forward and back-translation, multiple expert reviews, harmonization across languages, and cognitive debriefing with a sample of native speakers of the target language (linguistic validation). A universal approach to translation ensures that, whenever possible, one language version is created for multiple countries instead of country-specific versions of the same language.

Adult Measures

PROMIS Domain Item Bank and Short Forms Only Short Forms
Emotional Distress - Anger v1.1 Dutch, Spanish, Traditional Chinese  
Emotional Distress - Anxiety v1.0 Dutch, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese French (4a), Italian (4a), Simplified Chinese (7a)
Emotional Distress - Depression v1.0 Dutch, German, Spanish, Traditional Chinese Czech (8b, 4a, 6a), French (8b, 4a, 6a), Hungarian (8b, 4a, 6a), Italian (8b, 4a, 6a), Polish (8b, 4a, 6a), Russian (8b, 4a, 6a), Simplified Chinese (8b, 4a, 6a), Ukrainian (8b, 4a, 6a)
Fatigue v1.0 Dutch, Spanish Bulgarian (4a, 6a, 8a), Czech (7a), Danish (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Finnish (4a, 6a, 8a), French (7a, 4a, 6a), German (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Hungarian (7a), Italian (7a, 4a), Japanese (7a), Malay (4a, 6a, 8a), Polish (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Portuguese-Br (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Romanian (4a, 6a, 8a), Russian (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Serbian (4a, 6a, 8a), Simplified Chinese (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Swedish (7a), Traditional Chinese (7a, 4a, 6a, 8a), Ukrainian (4a, 6a, 8a)
Pain Behavior v1.1 Dutch, Spanish  
Pain Interference v1.1 Dutch, German, Spanish Czech (6b), Danish (4a, 6b), Finnish (6b), French (4a, 6b), Hungarian (4a), Italian (6b), Japanese (4a), Korean (4a), Polish (6b), Russian (6b), Norwegian (6b), Swedish (4a), Simplified Chinese (6b), Traditional Chinese (6b)
Pain Intensity v1.0 (scale) Spanish  
Physical Function v1.2 Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish French (4a, 6b, 8b, 10a, 20a), Hungarian (4a, 10a), Italian (10a, 20a), Japanese (4a), Korean (4a), Polish (10a), Russian (10a), Simplified Chinese (4a, 6b, 8b, 10a), Swedish (4a), Traditional Chinese (4a, 6b, 10a), Ukrainian (10a)
Sleep Disturbance v1.0 Dutch, German, Latvian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese Bulgarian (4a, 6a, 8a), Danish (4a, 6a), Finnish (4a, 6a, 8a), French (4a), Italian (4a), Romanian (4a, 6a, 8a), Simplified Chinese (8b, 4a)
Sleep-Related Impairment v1.0 Dutch, Spanish, Traditional Chinese  
Satisfaction with Participation in Discretionary Social Activities v1.0 Dutch, German, Spanish  
Satisfaction with Participation in Social Roles v1.0 Dutch, German, Spanish  
Satisfaction with Social Roles and Activities v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Ability to Participate in Social Roles and Activities v2.0           Dutch, Spanish French (4a), German (4a), Italian (4a)
Emotional Support v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Informational Support v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Instrumental Support v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Companionship v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Social Isolation v2.0 Dutch, Spanish  
Cognitive Function v2.0 Spanish Simplified Chinese (4a, 6a), Traditional Chinese (4a, 6a)
Global Health v1.2 Danish, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese-Br, Spanish, Simplified Chinese  
Alcohol Use v1.0 Spanish  
Anal Discomfort with Sexual Activity (item pool) Spanish  
Bother Regarding Sexual Function v2.0 (item pool) Spanish  
Erectile Function v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Factors Interfering with Sexual Satisfaction v2.0 (item pool) Spanish  
Interest in Sexual Activity v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Oral Discomfort with Sexual Activity v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Oral Dryness with Sexual Activity v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Orgasm - Ability v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Orgasm - Pleasure v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Satisfaction with Sex Life v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Screeners v2.0 (item pool) Spanish  
Sexual Activities v2.0 (item pool) Spanish  
Therapeutic Aids for Sexual Activity v2.0 (item pool) Spanish  
Vaginal Discomfort with Sexual Activity v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Vaginal Lubrication for Sexual Activity v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Vulvar Discomfort with Sexual Activity - Clitoral v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
Vulvar Discomfort with Sexual Activity-Labial v2.0 (scale) Spanish  
PROMIS Profile Available Languages
PROMIS-29 v2.0  Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
PROMIS-43 v2.0  Dutch, Spanish
PROMIS-57 v2.0  Dutch, Spanish


Pediatric and Parent Proxy Measures

PROMIS Domain Pediatric Item Bank and Short Forms Only Pediatric Short Forms Parent Proxy
Asthma Impact v2.0 Dutch, Spanish   Spanish
Anger v1.1                                 Dutch, Spanish, Simplified Chinese   Spanish
Anxiety v1.1                               Dutch, Spanish   Spanish
Depressive Symptoms v1.1                           Dutch, Spanish   Spanish
Fatigue v1.0               Dutch, Spanish Simplified Chinese Spanish
Pain Interference v1.0                 Dutch, Spanish Simplified Chinese Spanish
Peer Relationships v1.0 Dutch, Spanish Simplified Chinese Spanish
Physical Function - Mobility v1.0                   Dutch, Spanish Simplified Chinese Spanish
Physical Function - Upper Extremity v1.0                 Dutch, Spanish Simplified Chinese Spanish
Pediatric Global Health (PGH-7) v1.0 French, German, Italian, Spanish   French, Italian, Spanish
Cognitive Function (aka PedsPCF) Dutch, Spanish   Spanish
Life Satisfaction German, Spanish    
Meaning and Purpose German, Spanish    
Positive Affect German, Spanish    
Physical Activity German, Spanish    
Physical Stress Experiences German, Spanish    
Psychological Stress Experiences German, Spanish    
Strength Impact German, Spanish    
PROMIS Pediatric Profile Available Languages
PROMIS-25 v2.0 Spanish

Last updated on April 4, 2016

Translations in Progress

Numerous groups are currently translating selected PROMIS measures into a variety of languages including Bulgarian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Swedish. Contact us for more information about translating measures.