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Pricing for Services

HealthMeasures delivers free access to hundreds of self- and proxy-report measures from the four measurement systems, along with information to help users select, administer, score, and interpret measures. Utilization of Assessment CenterSM and other assessment delivery services carry fees associated with maintaining and updating these technologies. HealthMeasures consultation, training, custom software development, and translation services are available with pricing available by quote. Learn more detailed information about the free and fee-based services offered by HealthMeasures.

All services will be performed under a cost-recovery business model with no profit motivation. For more information, contact help@healthmeasures.net

Costs for Services

The Data Collection Tools described above automatically generate final scores for HealthMeasures. Two additional methods for calculating scores are available for free. The first option is the HealthMeasures Scoring Service, a web-based tool that calculates scores for most PROMIS and Neuro-QoL off-the-shelf and custom short forms. An end-user uploads a file with responses and receives a scored file. The second free option is for users to calculate scores by hand using instructions in Scoring Manuals available at in the Calculate Scores page.

HealthMeasures Scoring Service ............... FREE
HealthMeasures Scoring Manuals (PDFs) ............... FREE

We offer training and consulting on all aspects of measurement, from instrument development to quantitative analysis of data, and planning for clinical research and clinical care. For advice beyond the initial consultation (e.g., on an ongoing basis during a funded grant period), HealthMeasures experts can be included as co-investigators on grant/contract submissions for a specified percent effort. Our consultants are trained in methods applied to the development of HealthMeasures tools, including qualitative and quantitative methods. This includes item response theory (IRT) methods and their many applications, such as custom short form development and computer adaptive testing (CAT). Our team also has expertise in clinical trial planning, including research design, psychometrics and regulatory strategy. For further information, please contact help@healthmeasures.net.

Consultation and Analysis ............... Hourly Fee or Funded Percent Effort
Clinical Trial Planning ............... By Quote

We periodically offer workshops and training opportunities through HealthMeasures and the PROMIS Health Organization (PHO). These include instruction for the administration of NIH Toolbox, education on measurement topics (e.g., hands-on training to link the scores from different measures), and application of HealthMeasures (e.g., use of patient-reported outcomes in clinical practice). For custom workshops, including private training, please contact training@healthmeasures.net.

Training Session or Workshop ............... Priced per Event
Custom Workshop ............... By Quote

Our information technology team has over a decade of experience developing solutions for a wide range of assessment and intervention projects in research, education, and clinical settings. Please contact help@healthmeasures.net for additional information.

Custom Software ............... By Quote

CAT Algorithms, IRT Parameters, and Test Cases are available as part of the Assessment Center API license (see above). We do not directly provide CAT algorithms or CAT algorithm code. The algorithms and some of the parameters used in various HealthMeasures instrument systems are available in the published literature.

HealthMeasures does not directly translate its measures into other languages. However, we do manage all of the translation efforts to ensure quality and consistency. Referral to approved translation vendors can be made by HealthMeasures staff. In addition, we can provide information about what measures have translations available, and in what languages, and can provide information about the required translation methodology. For more information, please contact translations@healthmeasures.net.

Our translation-related services include:

  • Distribution of non-English versions of HealthMeasures with certification ............... By Quote
  • Consultation on translation methodology ............... By Quote
  • Quality review and cross-cultural harmonization of translations ............... By Quote
  • Item translatability review (cost based on # of items and languages) ............... By Quote

Researchers may be interested in having a measure they developed disseminated through various HealthMeasures mechanisms. There are four options for dissemination:

  • Forum Advertisement
  • Limited Access
  • Integration
  • Adoption

This document briefly describes each option and provides estimated costs. Learn more>>

Contact help@healthmeasures.net for more information.