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HealthMeasures are currently available in Epic.

Epic ( provides an electronic health record (EHR) used by many healthcare organizations. A limited number of PROMIS® short forms have been available in Epic since 2012. Institutions using the Epic 2017 version will have access to more measures including computer adaptive tests (CATs).

Epic 2017 PROMIS Measures

  • PROMIS CAT v1.0 – Anxiety
  • PROMIS CAT v1.0 – Depression
  • PROMIS CAT v1.0 – Fatigue
  • PROMIS CAT v1.0 - Sleep Disturbance
  • PROMIS CAT v1.1 - Pain Interference
  • PROMIS CAT v2.0 - Ability to Participate in Social Roles & Activities
  • PROMIS CAT v2.0 - Physical Function
  • PROMIS CAT v2.0 - Upper Extremity Function
  • Additional fixed-length short forms for adult and pediatric patients

More HealthMeasures Are Coming to Epic

Epic is committed to adding over 400 HealthMeasures. Check back for updates.

In-clinic and Remote Data Collection

  • Patients can access measures via MyChart and the MyChart smartphone app.
  • Clinic staff can use Hyperspace to access a measure to be completed by a patient without requiring MyChart login.


  • Epic provides end-to-end workflows for the deployment, collection, review, and analysis of patient-reported outcome measures.
  • Measures can be assigned to patients ad hoc or in a planned, automated manner.
  • Clinicians can review an individual’s responses over time in the patient’s chart.
  • Scores can be trended in a synopsis view along with other clinical data.
  • Individual responses can be viewed.
  • Red-flag question answers such as a positive response to suicidal ideation can be set up to trigger real-time notifications to appropriate resources like a crisis intervention team. MyChart can also provide real-time guidance such as instructing patient to call 911 if responses need immediate medical attention.
  • Measure scores can be aggregated across patients in conjunction with clinical information providing a rich database for analysis.
  • See the “Patient Reported Outcomes and Epic” document available to Epic customers in Galaxy on the Epic UserWeb.

Access HealthMeasures in Epic

  • The expanded library of HealthMeasures is available to Epic licensees using the 2017 version. An organization needs to pay an annual license fee for access to the library. With the license, there are no limits on the number of measures used or the number of people within your organization who can use HealthMeasures. Check with your local Epic IT team to learn what version of Epic you use and if the license has been procured.
  • As new HealthMeasures become available, they will also be integrated into Epic version 2017 and above. Mention Epic release note #557608 to your local Epic IT team for more information regarding technical configuration requirements.
  • For comprehensive information regarding all the measures your organization has made available, consult with your local Epic IT team. If you are interested in adding other patient-reported outcome measures to Epic, work with your local Epic IT team.
  • If your institution is currently using Epic 2017 or above and you are interested in administering a HealthMeasures not listed, please contact us (

User Support

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