Pricing for Tools

HealthMeasures delivers free access to hundreds of self- and proxy-report measures from the four measurement systems, along with information to help users select, administer, score, and interpret measures. Utilization of Assessment CenterSM and other assessment delivery services carry fees associated with maintaining and updating these technologies. HealthMeasures consultation, training, custom software development, and translation services are available with pricing available by quote. Learn more detailed information about the free and fee-based services offered by HealthMeasures.

All services will be performed under a cost-recovery business model with no profit motivation. For more information, contact

Data Collection Tool Costs

Free, administration-ready PDFs of most self- and proxy-report instruments for all measurement systems are available in Search and View Measures. The measures may be used in paper form.

Measure PDF Download ............... FREE

  • Assessment Center Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) Demonstration Page can be used to view a demonstration of how the popular PROMIS computerized adaptive tests (CATs) are administered and scored in real time, but it is not practical for data collection. 

         Assessment Center CAT Demo ............... FREE

  • Web-Based Administration and Study Management: Assessment Center provides access for all PROMIS and Neuro-QoL instruments for web-based administration and study management. New studies initiated after December 31, 2016 will be charged an annual fee, and continuing studies (launched prior to January 1, 2017) will be charged a reduced fee. Users will be charged per study created in Assessment Center, not per grant.

New studies administered via Assessment Center ............... $5,000/year

Continuing studies administered via Assessment Center ............... $2,500/year

  • NIH Toolbox users should not plan on using Asessment Center beyond December 31, 2018. Microsoft has announced they will no longer support some of the functionality required to run the web-based version of the NIH Toolbox after this time. NIH Toolbox users are encouraged to transition to the NIH Toolbox iPad App. Please contact for additional information and help in migrating to the iPad version of the NIH Toolbox.  

The Assessment Center Application Porgramming Interface (AC API) easily integrates with existing patient portals, survey systems and mobile apps to administer and score PROMIS and Neuro-QoL CATs and short forms. The AC API is used to operationalize access to HealthMeasures instruments for most of the implementations, listed below under Other Platforms for Access. An annual license fee is required. For additional information please contact

Annual API license ............... By Quote

The NIH Toolbox iPad App includes the NIH Toolbox instruments and many PROMIS instruments in an easy to use format suitable for in-clinic and office-based use, with significantly lower long-term costs (search “NIH Toolbox” in the iTunes App store for details). For more information about the App, go to the NIH Toolbox iPad App page.

NIH Toolbox iPad App (demonstration mode) ............... FREE
NIH Toolbox English iPad App (annual subscription per iTunes account) ............... $499
NIH Toolbox Spanish iPad App (annual subscription per iTunes account) ............... $499

Each subscription includes support for installation on up to 10 iPads. Studies that are administering instruments in both English and Spanish will need to purchase two subscriptions.

The PROMIS iPad App, slated for release in September 2016, will include a growing library of PROMIS instruments in an easy to use format suitable for in-clinic and office-based use. (Search “PROMIS” in the iTunes App store for details). A Spanish version of the PROMIS iPad App is coming in late 2016. Contact for more information

PROMIS English iPad App (demonstration mode) ............... FREE
PROMIS English iPad App (annual subscription per iTunes account) ............... $499

Numerous organizations make PROMIS and Neuro-QoL CATs and short forms available to their researchers and clinicians. Please contact the organizations below for additional information, including which instruments are offered.

  • REDCap Sites. Over 1,500 institutions use REDCap to make most PROMIS and Neuro-QoL instruments available for their researchers and clinicians, generally at little or no charge for local researchers and clinicians. Click here for the complete list of REDCap organizations and their contact information. The REDCap Library provides a search tool to view available PROMIS and Neuro-QoL instruments.
  • Epic Electronic Health Record (Epic Systems Corporation). Clinicians at most of the 300 institutions that license Epic electronic medical record products are able to include selected PROMIS short forms in their clinical workflows at no additional charge. (Note: PROMIS CATs and item response theory (IRT) scored short-forms may be available in Epic after November, 2016). Please contact Nancy Smider for additional information ( and include your CIO, CMIO or CRIO in the expression of interest. An annual license fee per Epic installation will be assessed. Pricing will be based upon institution size. Additional information will be available closer to final release.
  • Outcomes Based Electronic Research Database (OBERD). OBERD optimizes patient compliance for outcomes data capture and provides access to most PROMIS and Neuro-QoL instruments at no additional charge to their licensees. There is also no charge for student or other non-commercial research projects. Please contact Brian McCuiston ( for additional information.

  • AO Patient Outcomes Center (AOPOC). Designed for use in orthopedic clinical care, AOPOC includes selected PROMIS CATs and short forms. Go to the AOPOC website for additional information.

  • Custom Solutions. A number of organizations have also developed custom solutions to make many PROMIS and Neuro-QoL instruments available for clinical and research use. Contact to learn more about these custom solutions.