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HealthMeasures recently announced a new sustainability model featuring this website, which delivers free access to hundreds of self- and proxy-report measures and information to help you select, administer, score, and interpret those measures. Beginning January 1, 2017, utilization of Assessment CenterSM and other assessment delivery services will carry fees associated with maintaining and updating these technologies.

Learn more about free and fee-based services offered by HealthMeasures.

Many resources are available to you

  • Search the HealthMeasures Forum for your question or post a question to the user community.
  • Can’t find what you need on this site or in the Forum? Contact us

Looking for ongoing assistance with a project or grant? HealthMeasures collaborators with experience in instrument development, validation, expansion, translation, analysis (statistical and psychometric), and application are available on a fee-for-service model through contracts or as co-investigators on grants.

Examples of Collaborations

  • Understanding the clinical meaning of scores in specific diseases or conditions, including developing clinical cut-offs and meaningful change
  • Integration of HealthMeasures using technology applications in clinical practice settings
  • Evaluating the effects of interventions or alternative healthcare delivery systems
  • Extending the range of measurement covered by a HealthMeasure item bank
  • Advanced psychometric analyses of measures
  • Construction of new linking tables using PROsetta Stone methodology
  • Translation and cross-cultural validation
  • Consultation on measurement selection and application
  • How to use patient-reported outcomes for participant/patient self-management
  • Mapping associations between HealthMeasures phenotypic results and neuroimaging of brain structure and function (e.g., Human Connectome Project)
  • Expanding accessibility of NIH Toolbox® measures for use in populations with a variety of disabilities.

Contact us to learn more about collaboration options.