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Name  Domain  Measurement System  Measure Type 
ASCQ-Me Emotional Impact CAT v2.0Depression/SadnessASCQ-MeComputer Adaptive Test/Item Bank
ASCQ-Me Emotional Impact Short Form v2.0Depression/SadnessASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form
ASCQ-Me Pain Episode Frequency and Severity PainASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form
ASCQ-Me Pain Impact CAT v2.0PainASCQ-MeComputer Adaptive Test/Item Bank
ASCQ-Me Pain Impact Short Form v2.0PainASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form
ASCQ-Me Sickle Cell Medical History ChecklistPhysical HealthASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form
ASCQ-Me Sleep Impact CAT v2.0SleepASCQ-MeComputer Adaptive Test/Item Bank
ASCQ-Me Sleep Impact Short Form v2.0SleepASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form
ASCQ-Me Social Functioning Impact CAT v2.0Ability to ParticipateASCQ-MeComputer Adaptive Test/Item Bank
ASCQ-Me Social Functioning Impact Short Form v2.0Ability to ParticipateASCQ-MeFixed Length Short Form