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Helpful Resources

To view copies of NIH Toolbox self- and proxy-report measures, go to Search & View Measures.

For information on NIH Toolbox scores, visit Score & Interpret.

Obtain & Administer Measures

NIH Toolbox® v3 Cognition, Motor, and Sensation measures are available in the NIH Toolbox iPad App only.

Emotion measures may be accessed via the NIH Toolbox iPad app, Assessment Center API, or Search & View Measures.

Obtain Cognition, Motor, and Sensation Performance Tests

Obtain Emotion and Select Sensation Measures

Required Supplies

The NIH Toolbox iPad App has hardware and software requirements. Read about them at the NIH Toolbox Support Center>>

Permission for Use

NIH Toolbox measures are copyrighted. English and Spanish measures downloaded as PDFs from Search & View Measures are publicly available without licensing or royalty fees for paper administration. Integration of measures into digital administration platforms requires HealthMeasures Electronic Administration Permission (HEAP). Contact for more information about HEAP. Cognition, Motor, and Sensation performance tests may only be administered through means approved by Toolbox Assessments, Inc.

Appearance and Modification of NIH Toolbox Items

If you are integrating NIH Toolbox Emotion measures into a digital administration platform, HealthMeasures Electronic Administration Permission (HEAP) is required. This will ensure the measures are administered consistently with how they were developed, tested, and validated. Contact to learn more.

All NIH Toolbox modifications need to be approved by Toolbox Assessments, Inc. in advance ( Learn more>>


Last updated on 9/13/2023