Publishing NIH Toolbox® Results

Please use this Publication Checklist when writing about self- and parent-report NIH Toolbox measures (e.g., Emotion) in publications and presentations. Checklist categories include measure details, administration, scoring, and reporting. Access the Publication Checklist here>>

  • The first mention of NIH Toolbox should include its full name: “NIH Toolbox® for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function (NIH Toolbox)” Subsequent sentences can abbreviate NIH Toolbox as NIHTB.
  • Report the official measure name (refer to the NIH Toolbox Administration Manual).

NIH Toolbox tests of function have four types of scores: Raw scores (or Theta scores for CAT measures), Uncorrected Standard Scores, Age-Corrected Standard Scores, and Fully Corrected T-Scores. NIH Toolbox Emotion measures use T-scores. Indicate the type of scores you are reporting.

For more information, see: 

Hanmer, J., Jensen, R.E. & Rothrock, N. A reporting checklist for HealthMeasures’ patient-reported outcomes: ASCQ-Me, Neuro-QoL, NIH Toolbox, and PROMIS. J Patient Rep Outcomes 4, 21 (2020).