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Other Digital Tools

HealthMeasures are currently available in many administration platforms via the Assessment Center API.


BrightOutcome has developed ePRO, patient portal, symptom management systems, and other applications that can include HealthMeasures. Systems can be configured to support research and care across a variety of populations and clinical domains for use by patients, practitioners, clinical trial managers, and researchers. For additional information, contact BrightOutcome.

CODE Technology

CODE Technology presents an integrated solution for seamless PRO data collection and utilization. Their team of PRO experts ensures program success with unmatched capture rates, freeing healthcare organizations from hiring and training full-time employees. With a decade of expertise, they've honed survey techniques and curated an extensive orthopedic data registry, empowering informed decision-making and enhancing patient experiences. Embrace the transformative power of CODE Technology in healthcare delivery. Learn more>>

EasyROM App

EasyROM SelfCare app (winner of the Runner-Up position at the Value Based Health Care Center Europe’s VBHC Prize competition) provides free and unlimited in-app PROMIS outcome measurements world-wide for English and/or Spanish speaking patients. EasyROM Pro app (Apple/Android) and Physician dashboards (Cloud) provide unlimited in-app outcome measurements and stand-alone dashboard use worldwide for PROMIS CAT/Short Form administration/management in English and Spanish at €2,50 per patient per year with a 10 minute delivery (other languages are available by quote). EasyROM Pro app and dashboards are compatible with any EMR/EHR. The KGVP Foundation is an independent, non-profit, privately funded, patient organization that strives for better quality of healthcare worldwide. KGVP offers the EasyROM app to promote shared decision-making with high usability and low cost, amongst all people.

Force Therapeutics

Force Therapeutics is an episode of care management tool which uses the power of patient engagement to drive data collection. Force works with value-centric healthcare organizations across the country to seamlessly collect data-points and surveys from 100,000+ patients, as they move through prescribed care plans in the platform. Data collection protocols can be customized to fit the needs of specific populations and clinicians, and data can be pushed directly to American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) and into the electronic medical record (EMR). Clients who have used Force to publish research include NYU Langone, Northwell Health, Rothman Orthopedics, and Geisinger Health. For more information, please contact Force Therapeutics or watch a video about Force here.

MiCare Path

Building a closer connection with an ever-growing patient population, MiCare Path (winner of Healthcare and Pharma’s Start-Up of the year) is a reimbursable integrated mobile health platform delivering improved outcomes with data-driven decisions, personalized patient education, and care paths promoting clinical efficiencies for a better patient experience. Learn more>>


OBERD is the leading patient intelligence software company curated for clinicians, administrators, researchers, and those focused on engagement and experience. OBERD’s comprehensive digital suite supports a vast library of validated assessments including PROMIS and PROMIS CAT measures and connects you to world-renowned registries including all recommended AAOS registries, ASES, CJR, CMS and more. Whether the goal is improving quality of care, practice marketing, or payor negotiations, OBERD’s integrated suite of products help you amplify the patient voice and focus on what matters most. For additional information, please contact OBERD.


Experience the future of healthcare with phiSuite, Ortech's cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool that revolutionizes the industry. Empowering providers with advanced clinical, patient engagement, and research study tools, phiSuite integrates seamlessly with your EMR and into existing workflows, driving evidence-based practices and improved patient outcomes. With a focus on patient-reported outcomes including the HealthMeasures PRO Library, phiSuite enhances communication, creates efficiency, and eliminates healthcare duplication. Capturing data via patients' mobile devices, enabling groundbreaking research and connecting to renowned registries are just a few things that you can do with phiSuite. Join the vanguard of healthcare providers and let phiSuite transform your practice, elevating patient care and redefining medical innovation. For additional information, please contact Ortech.


OutcomeMD is an outcome tracking and management system for value-based care that seamlessly collects electronic patient-reported outcomes and helps you put them to work to: generate business, dial-in best practices, negotiate better paying contracts, and enhance the patient and clinician experience. OutcomeMD enables PROMIS measures and disease-specific measures, works across all medical specialties, integrates with your EHR and is particularly easy-to-use. Increase revenue, decrease costs and improve care - Measure What Matters. For additional information, please contact OutcomeMD.


PatientIQ offers an industry leading patient engagement solution coupled with a deep expertise in capturing patient-reported outcomes. We are excited to support the full library of PROMIS Computer Adaptive Tests for our customers. Our cloud-based platform does the heavy lifting to systematically capture patient-reported outcomes so our customers can focus on what matters – improving the quality of care for their patients. For additional information, please contact PatientIQ.


The cloud-based Visiontree Optimal Care (VTOC) app delivers digitized clinical pathways to integrate patient-reported and clinical outcomes (ePRO & eCRO) for quality, research, and registry initiatives. The app leverages SMART on FHIR, providing the optimal user experience at the point of care and on the patient's device. Standout features include automatically sent surveys based on predetermined longitudinal timepoints, care team alerts based on response type or form status, and semantic data analytics using insights with visualizations and benchmarking reports. The modular, enterprise-level app meets NCCN, AAOS, NCQA, ICHOM, ERAS and other industry leading standards. Optimize your paperless workflow by selecting measures from Visiontree’s library of over 400 validated assessments, including PROMIS and PROMIS CAT forms and disease-specific measures, or create your own customized eForms. For additional information, please contact Visiontree


Last updated on 8/7/2023