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HealthMeasures are currently available in many administration platforms.

REDCap is a secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. It is a great solution for research and clinical data collection as it supports multiple types of data, can utilize a study calendar, and calculates descriptive statistics.

The REDCap Library uses the Assessment CenterSM API and therefore includes most self- and proxy-report HealthMeasures including PROMIS®, ASCQ-Me®,and Neuro-QoL™ CATs. Scores are automatically calculated. Within the library:

  • “Adaptive Instrument” is a computer adaptive test.
  • “Auto-scoring” means the measure is a short form and a total score will be calculated.
  • You can use REDCap for data collection of custom PROMIS, Neuro-QoL, and ASCQ-Me short forms and have those measures scored with the HealthMeasures Scoring Service by following these instructions>>

REDCap is developed by Vanderbilt University and is available at over 3,200 institutions. The REDCap Library, which houses HealthMeasures, is hosted at Vanderbilt. Visit https://projectredcap.org/software/ for more information about REDCap and the REDCap Library. You may also contact the REDCap team at redcap@vumc.org.



Last updated on 4/19/2022.