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The 2020 Analysis of Measurement Gap Areas and Measure Alignment report from the Core Quality Measures Collaborative (CQMC) specifically identified the need for:

  • Outcome-focused quality measures
  • Patient-reported outcome measure-based performance measures (PRO-PMs)
  • Measure alignment across measure sets

View the report here>>

Evaluate Quality of Care

Efforts to contain healthcare costs, maximize clinical quality, and improve the patient experience are driving new approaches to measuring value.

  • Quality measures in health care have traditionally focused on the actions or perspectives of the clinician (i.e., processes of care, chart-based clinical outcomes, and clinician-provided ratings on domains such as pain).
  • Traditional healthcare quality measures are often designed around specific diseases or time points in the care process and, thus, often fail to capture relevant outcomes that patients experience across diagnoses and stages of care.
  • Key healthcare stakeholders –including payers, professional medical societies and regulatory agencies—are now calling for the development of Patient-Reported Outcome based Performance Measures (PRO-PMs) that will assess the results or health outcomes experienced by patients and provide a more complete picture of care quality.
  • Consistent, universal measures like PROMIS can be utilized across clinical settings (e.g., primary care, specialists) and stages of care. This can reduce the burden on patients and healthcare systems.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation in New South Wales, Australia, published an excellent 3-minute educational video about using patient-reported measures to “drive improvement and integration of healthcare.” Watch it here>>

Process and Outcome Measures

Healthcare quality reporting measures are typically divided into “process” and “outcome” measures. Learn more>>

HealthMeasures Can Assess Care Quality

HealthMeasures, particularly PROMIS, are included in measures of care quality. Learn more>>

Measure Development Methods

A specific measure development methodology is utilized to create measures to evaluate care quality. Learn more>>

Research with Measures of Care Quality

Using patient-reported outcome measures to evaluate care quality is just beginning. New research questions have emerged. Learn more>>

Implement to Evaluate Care Quality

Implementation of patient-reported outcome based performance measures requires some steps beyond what is needed for implementation for patient care. Learn more>>