PRO-PM Development

Who develops PRO-PMs? (Patient-Reported Outcome based Performance Measures)

Healthcare quality measures, including PRO-PMs, are developed by:

  • Government agencies (e.g., Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS])
  • Professional and medical associations
  • Private nonprofit and for-profit organizations

Measure Development Methodology

CMS outlines a lengthy process (the “measure lifecycle”) through which performance measures are developed, evaluated, endorsed, and maintained. Feedback and commentary from patients and families, healthcare professionals, and the general public are interwoven throughout this measure lifecycle. Potential quality measures are often endorsed by nonprofit organizations such as the National Quality Forum (NQF). These organizations bring together stakeholders to review proposed measures against pre-established standards, including its psychometric soundness, person-centeredness, relevance to patients and providers, and feasibility of implementation. Learn more>>

Learn More

Read the Blueprint for the CMS Measures Management System>>
CMS describes the Blueprint as “the core set of business processes and decision-making criteria for [healthcare quality] measure development” that can be “a helpful resource whether your interest is in developing measures or in understanding the measure development process.”

Read NQF’s Guidance on Patient-Reported Outcomes in Performance Measurement>>
NQF published a Technical Report in 2022 that “compiles existing resources on measure development, endorsement, and interoperability” for patient-reported outcome performance measures.

Read RTI's Patient-Reported Outcomes in Performance Measurement>>
RTI International published a book in 2015 titled Patient-Reported Outcomes in Performance Measurement for a discussion of the major methodological issues related to the selection, administration, and use of PROs for individual patients in clinical practice settings, including those aiming to integrate patient-reported outcomes into a quality improvement/performance measurement program.

To learn about PRO performance measures in oncology, see Basch E, Snyder C, McNiff K. Patient-reported outcome performance measures in oncology. Journal of Oncology Practice. 2014:10(3):209-211. DOI: 10.1200/JOP.2014.001423


Last updated 8/24/2023