Minimize Workflow Disruption

Collecting and using patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures for patient care requires time at multiple points in the clinic workflow. Appropriate adjustment of workflow increases participation and limits confusion and frustration.

Identify What Time is Needed from Healthcare Providers, Staff, and Patients

Healthcare providers need time to:

  • Order an assessment.
  • Review the results of an assessment.
  • Address the results with a patient.

Patients need time to:

  • Navigate administration platform (e.g., receive email, login to platform).
  • Complete an assessment.
  • Review the results of an assessment.

Staff need time to:

  • Identify if an assessment is complete.
  • Follow-up on an incomplete assessment.
  • Distribute, collect, and disinfect shared assessment devices (e.g., tablet computers).

Workflows will need to accommodate each of these tasks.

Minimize Workflow Disruption

  • Assemble a multi-disciplinary team to identify a strategy that minimize disruptions in your clinic.
  • Evaluate current workflow for patients, staff, and providers in the target clinic.
  • Maximize completion of assessments prior to the visit to minimize disruption in the office.
  • Have a plan for patients that did not complete an assessment
  •  Integrate assessment into routine pre-visit procedures already in place.
  • Utilize existing wait time for patients to complete an assessment.
  • Create time for a patient to complete an assessment prior to interacting with his or her provider (e.g., schedule assessment appointment 20 minutes before visit).
  • Have clear accountability for each task (e.g., who checks that assessment was completed, who answers technical questions, who cleans and charges devices used for assessment).
  • Create simple instructions that patients can follow independently.
  • Enable clinicians’ easy access to assessment results during the office visit. For example, the person rooming a patient can open the administration platform (e.g., electronic health record) to the page displaying results.
  • Create time savers for providers and staff (e.g., auto-generation of text for clinical notes, consolidate all patient forms to an electronic platform).
  • After implementation, communicate and collaborate across all team members to address workflow issues.
  • Customize the implementation to a given clinic – what works in one clinic will not work in all clinics.

Enable Multiple Data Capture Options

Not all patients will complete an assessment through the electronic health record's patient portal. Multiple implementation sites have identified having multiple data capture options available as critical to ensure most patients can complete an assessment.  Learn more>>

For more information on minimizing workflow disruptions, watch this 6 minute video.