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Consultation Services & Collaboration

The HealthMeasures team offers consultation services on a fee-for-service model through contracts or as co-investigators on grants. For more information Contact us!

Examples of Consultation and Collaboration Services

  • Research to better understand the clinical meaning of scores in specific diseases or conditions, including developing clinical cut-offs and meaningful change
  • Integration of HealthMeasures using technology applications in clinical practice settings
  • Evaluating the effects of interventions or alternative healthcare delivery systems
  • Extending the range of measurement covered by a HealthMeasure item bank
  • Advanced psychometric analyses of measures
  • Construction of new linking tables using PROsetta Stone methodology
  • Translation and cross-cultural validation
  • Research design consultation, including selection of measures, assessment methods, and interpretation of psychometric analyses
  • Custom assessment technology development in clinical, educational, or research settings
  • Consultation on measurement selection and application
  • How to use patient-reported outcomes for participant/patient self-management
  • Mapping associations between HealthMeasures phenotypic results and neuroimaging of brain structure and function (e.g., Human Connectome Project)
  • Expanding accessibility of NIH Toolbox® measures for use in populations with a variety of disabilities.
  • Workshops and training

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