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Contact Us

There are a number of ways that you can get in touch with the HealthMeasures community.

Email us at help@healthmeasures.net for queries related to:

  • Accessing translations of measures
  • Evaluating administration platform options
  • Information about workshops and training
  • HealthMeasures in development
  • New translations and cross-cultural validation studies
  • Consultation and collaboration in:
    • Psychometric analyses
    • Research and study design
    • Guidance on scoring and interpretation
    • Integrating HealthMeasures into a clinical setting
    • Construction of new linking tables
    • Custom technology for HealthMeasures administration

Check out the HealthMeasures Forum. Looking to connect with the broader HealthMeasures community? Go to the Forum to link up with other HealthMeasures users, get expert advice, and seek out potential collaborations.