Northwestern University Scientists

The HealthMeasures team at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine is comprised of psychometricians, measurement scientists, qualitative methodologists, and health informaticians.


Name:  David Cella, PhD

Title:  Director, NUCORE-HealthMeasures

Dr. Cella is the Ralph Seal Paffenbarger Professor and Chair of the Department of Medical Social Sciences, and an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. His research portfolio extends from health outcomes measurement and applications to clinical trials, comparative effectiveness, and learning health system implementation. As an expert in applied health status measurement, he has led the development and validation of the FACIT Measurement System, PROMIS®, Neuro-QoLTM, and the emotional health domain of the NIH Toolbox®. These measurements are used around the world by thousands, in clinical practice and research.

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Name:  Richard Gershon, PhD

Title:  NUCORE-HealthMeasures Co-Director

Dr. Gershon is the Vice Chair for Research and Professor of the Department of Medical Social Sciences.  His work is focused in patient report outcomes (PROs) and performance outcomes. He has served as the PI for the NIH Toolbox. Dr. Gershon also holds a current leadership role as a member of the PROMIS Health Organization (PHO) Board of Directors.

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Name:  Michael Bass, MS

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Mr. Bass has significant experience in web-based applications; as well as other electronic data captures methods.  He provides programming and strategic leadership in technical matters related to information systems integration for researchers and clinicians implementing HealthMeasures.

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I have significant experience in web-based applications; as well as other electronic data captures methods.

Name:  George Greene, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Greene is a community psychologist and program evaluator with expertise in qualitative, mixed methods, and stakeholder-engaged research approaches. He has experience in the development of PRO measures, the implementation and evaluation of PROs in clinical settings, and the qualification process of PRO measures through the FDA’s Clinical Outcome Assessment Qualification Program.

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Name:  Julie Hook, PhD, MBA

Title:  NIH Toolbox Product Manager

Dr. Hook is Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). She combines expertise in clinical research and technology development to create innovative assessment solutions. She manages the NIH Toolbox product roadmap and business operations.

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Name:  Sally Jensen, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Jensen has experience in the development (including mixed methods) and application of PROs in a wide variety of patient populations, including both pediatric and adult populations.

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Name: Aaron Kaat, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Kaat is a psychometrician with expertise in test development and validation. He is actively involved in evaluating PROMIS measures for pediatric and adult clinical populations, and in developing individual cognitive assessments for the NIH Toolbox.

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Name:  Karen Kaiser, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Consulting - Associate Scientific Director (Qualitative)

Dr. Kaiser is a qualitative health researcher with over ten years of experience in measure development.

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Name:  Jin-Shei Lai, PhD, OTR/L

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Lai is an experienced patient-centered-outcomes researcher and a registered occupational therapist with extensive experiences in measurement, psychometrics, measuret development, and symptom monitoring and measurement in patients with chronic conditions at all ages.

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Name:  Michelle Langer, PhD

Title:  PROMIS Scientist, API Product Manager

Dr. Langer has over 15 years of experience contributing to psychometric research in patient-reported outcomes. Her expertise spans the development and implementation of measurements.



Name:  Cindy Nowinski, MD, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Nowinski is a licensed clinical psychologist and measurement scientist with over 20 years of experience in the development of patient-reported outcome measures and performance-based cognitive assessments for use with both children and adults. Her specific areas of interest include evaluation of health outcomes in neurological and other chronic conditions, digital implementation of assessments, and the use of outcome measures in clinical settings and in healthcare quality assessment.

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Name:  J. Devin Peipert, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Consulting - Associate Scientific Director (Quantitative)

Dr. Peipert focuses primarily on patient-focused drug development. This work revolves around the development and psychometric evaluation of clinical outcome assessments (COA), as well as regulatory qualification of COAs.

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Name:  Nan Rothrock, PhD

Title:  Director of Digital Outreach

Dr. Rothrock is a measurement scientist with expertise in PRO measure development and application in clinical research and practice. My work includes using implementation science approaches for integrating PROs in patient care as well as developing new tools to facilitate the interpretability of PROs for specific aims (e.g., research, patient care, healthcare quality evaluation).

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Name:  Ben Schalet, PhD

Title:  Director of NUCORE-HealthMeasures Statistics and Psychometrics, Psychometrician

Dr. Schalet is a research psychologist by training who specializes in the development and validation of PRO measures, psychometric analysis of PROMIS, and applications of Item Response Theory (IRT). His recent research focuses on linking multiple PRO measures to a common metric, the validation of depression and anxiety PROs, and patient engagement.

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Name:  Sara Shaunfield, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Shaunfield is a qualitaive health outcomes researcher with over 6 years experience in the development and content validation of PRO measures, symptom indices, patient preference questionnaires, and measures of health-related quality of life.

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Name:  Xiaodan Tang, PhD

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Dr. Tang is a psychometrician. Her work focuses on psychometric analysis of PROMIS measures and linking analysis between PRO measures.

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Name:  Kimberly Webster, MA

Title:  NUCORE Scientist

Ms. Webster has over 25 years of experience in health outcomes research involving the study and measurement of patient-reported outcomes, disease and treatment-related symptoms, and health status in patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses, as well as in the implementation of these measures into research protocols and clinical care.

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