Calculate Scores

Standardized Scores

HealthMeasures use standardized scores. PROMIS®, Neuro-QoLTM, ASCQ-Me® and the self-report patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures of NIH Toolbox® use a T-score metric in which 50 is the mean of a relevant reference population and 10 is the standard deviation (SD) of that population. To calculate standardized scores, See Scoring Instructions>>

Preference-based Scores

Preference-based scores provide an overall summary of health-related quality of life on a common 0 (as bad as dead) to 1 (perfect or ideal health) metric. See Preference-based Scores>>

NIH Toolbox Cognition, Motor, and Sensation Scores

The NIH Toolbox performance tests of cognitive, motor, and sensory function use standard scores, but not T-scores. Scores are automatically calculated by the NIH Toolbox and PROMIS iPad apps.  See Interpret NIH Toolbox>>